Monday, December 26, 2011

The fabric in the background

Bouquet Roses a business card    
Bouquet Roses a business card
Fabric Bridal Bouquet by         
Fabric Bridal Bouquet by
Fabric Bridal Bouquet by         
Fabric Bridal Bouquet by
bouquet of red roses             
bouquet of red roses
On Your Wedding Day candles      
On Your Wedding Day candles
Marilyn Ivory Wedding Shoes      
Marilyn Ivory Wedding Shoes
white red leopard -   5.99       
white red leopard -   5.99
Red  and leopard print           
Red  and leopard print
Nautical red leopard print       
Nautical red leopard print
Loft ruffle top, Zara red        
Loft ruffle top, Zara red
Wedding Gift Card Box with       
Wedding Gift Card Box with
Sweet Red And Yellow Tulip       
Sweet Red And Yellow Tulip
Red Orchid Wallpaper -           
Red Orchid Wallpaper -
We delivered the bouquets,       
We delivered the bouquets,
Wedding Centerpiece - Red Roses. 
rom wreathmiccreations          
Wedding Centerpiece - Red Roses. From wreathmiccreations
Red rose petals arranged         
Red rose petals arranged
dark red rose bridal bouquets    
dark red rose bridal bouquets
Centerpieces were designed       
Centerpieces were designed
Red wedding dresses are cool.    
Red wedding dresses are cool.
The fabric in the background     
The fabric in the background

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